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Посуточная аренда квартир в Самаре и Нижневартовске, Посуточная аренда квартир в Самаре

Samara sightseeing

In a walk distance from our apartments you can find:

Zhigulevskiy beer factory

Жигулевский пивоваренный завод

Zhigulevskiy beer factory. In 1881 Austrian national, descended from a renowned family of brewers Alfred von Vacano has built the real masterpiece of industrial architecture on the bank of river Volga. “Peoples” beer was very popular among Samara citizens. And even now Zhigulevskoe beer is very famous in Russia. Alfred von Vacano has become so popular so his name was booked in “300th of Romanov family’s kingship”. It is said: “Beer plant association by Alfred von Vacano is based at a state of the art level. Started with 75 thousands buckets per year and by 1913 production had increased up to 3 million buckets. This beer label was numerously first in national and international exhibitions. The plant has its own fleet: tug-boats, cargo barges. The beer is shipped in special cars by the railway.” If you decide to rent an apartment in Samara through INSENS company then you will receive not only comfort and great location but the opportunity to discover the city. You should see it!

Pub «Na Dne»

Pub “Na Dne” (Volzhskiy pr., 4) is not for everyone. The whole atmosphere looks as it were a bar of Soviet times, not a modern pub or brasserie. There is no special interior; simple tables. You can find only beer and some snacks in menu. A jug of beer costs around 46 rubles that is really cheap. Beer is only local and there are no other brands. Also there are flat screens broadcasting sport events. There are no differences between social classes, all people are equal in this place. Outside you can buy live draught beer directly from the plant.

Stalin’s bunker

Бункер Сталина

Contacts: cell +7 (846) 333-35-71, ul. Frunze, 167
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 11.00–15.00
Entrance ticket 40–80 rub.

They say Samara is alternative capital of Russian Federation so far. Giant network of underground facilities, secret subway lines and tunnels were built during the World War. Stalin’s bunker is the one of those objects declassified not long ago. In 1991 when Kuibyshev was renamed into Samara there was a building opened to public which was known only by a few people through the half of century. Nowadays Stalin’s bunker, the deepest building of World War II is very popular among foreign tourists while visiting Samara. Construction of a secret bunker began in the end of February 1942. By this time Kuibyshev was an alternative capital of Soviet Union where Soviet government, central committee of the all-Union Communist Party and 22 foreign missions were evacuated from Moscow. If Moscow had been taken the enemy war management would have been performed from Volga side, most probably from the bunker. Stalin’s bunker is the most impressive of declassified bunkers. Its depth is 37 meters that is the height of 12-storey building. For example, the depth of Hitler’s bunker is 16 meters, Churchill’s bunker in London is only 2-storey in depth, and Roosevelt’s is also the same. It had no equal constructions especially in such time limits. The giant “hole” was dug out in less than 9 months. There was an independent system of air renewal and its own power station in the bunker. Until now it’s still hermetically sealed and optimized for the whole self-independence for 5 days. The secret underground is a multistory structure supplied with elevators. On the ground floor there is a conference room for 115 persons. Next to it there is a rest room only for Stalin. On upper levels there are security rooms, storages, technical support services. The bunker could absorb a direct hit of the biggest aviation bomb those times, because over this construction there is a mass concrete 3 meters in depth, sand-stemming and one more meter of concrete.

Volga embankment

Квартиры посуточно с видом на набережная Волги;

Volga embankment is a real pearl of landscape design. It spreads over 5 km. The promenade consists of 4 nice and well groomed parts. All parts have public beaches and there are lots of cafes and restaurants. Fountains, a lot of flower beds, astonishing view of Zhiguly mountains – all of it creates the whole atmosphere of the city. One of the best advantages of choosing an apartment for daily rent in Samara through INSENS company is great location accessibility to interesting places and sights, for a example Olympic swimming pool with 50-meter outdoor pool. This sport complex includes also 50-meter indoor pool, steam and gym with panoramic view on river Volga. It is located at the bottom of Glory square just in the beginning of central embankment. For drop-in it is simply enough to buy entrance ticket.

Address: Volzhskiy pr., 10
Phone: +7 (846) 2424405, 2420830, 2423511 
Opening hours: Monday - Sunday:  7.00 - 21.1

Samara public beaches

Городские пляжи Самары

Samara beaches are a different story. It’s so many of them in Samara, but there are three basic in city centre. Almost all of them are public and it’s extremely popular among citizens. Here you can find good service, sports and entertainment programs full of happiness and freedom atmosphere. It’s the most unusual city and to understand it you need to be a citizen. Choosing our apartments for daily rent in Samara we can advise you the best way to spend your free time. For example chill out beach which is next to Glory square on Mayakovskaya street is mainly for locals, and the most popular beach among tourists and young people is on Polevaya street.

Leningradskaya street ex. Panskaya and Petrogradskaya st.

Бывшая Панская и Петроградская, ныне Ленинградская улица.

This is the main walking street in Samara like Arbat in Moscow. It begins on Troitskiy market and goes down to embankment and river port. There are lots of bars, cafes and restaurants; it’s a top destination for street musicians and local freaks. All our apartments for daily rent in Samara are provided by the owners who with please will assist you with everything during your stay.
We recommend you to visit this place!

Kipyatok saloon on the corner of Leningradskaya and Frunze streets.

Питейная Кипятокъ на углу Ленинградской и Фрунзе.

It is an ideal place for dating, chilling out with friends, for a breakfast and morning newspaper!

Phone +7(846) 333-27-20, address: ul. Leningradskaya, 40
Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 10.00–0.00

River port

Речной порт, речной вокзал, квартиры на сутки

Here you can take boat trip on river Volga. Departure from the first jetty of river station daily at 12.00, 14.30, 17.00, 19.30 local time. For a ticket purchasing ask in ticket offices inside the building. The price: for adults – 220 rub, on weekends and holidays – 250 rub; for children (5-10 y.o) – 110 rub, on weekends and holidays – 125 rub; for children less than 5 y.o. – free of charge.

Our apartments’ owners can give you the detailed information upon request.

To pass over the river you can take river taxi at any time for better convenience. Departures are from Zhigulevskiy beer plant and Osipenko street. These departure places are just in a walking distance from our apartments. Taxi working hours till 21.00, but if you want to delay your return better to arrange it directly with taxi driver.

Strukovskiy Park

Струковский сад

This is the only park you can find in city centre. It’s quite small but very lovely. There are always a lot of families with small children.

Samarskaya and Glory squares

 Самарская площадь и площадь Славы

It is one of the best observation places in the city. In the center of it there is Glory memorial: a 13-meter workman on 40-meter base holding wings in his hands up that symbolizes the particular contribution of Samara citizens into national aircraft industry. Also one of the most beautiful temples of George the Victory-bearer is located there.

Kuibyshev square

Kuibyshev square (ex. Sobornaya square) is the biggest square in Europe. It was firstly drawn on master layout of the city in 1853. Resurrection cathedral was built there in1894. Sobornaya square was renamed into Kuibyshev square in 1935. The cathedral was destroyed and culture center was built instead of it.  During the World War 2 the Bolshoi Theatre Company of USSR was performing there. On 5th of March in 1942 the 7th symphony of Shostakovich was performed in palace hall at a first time. Nowadays parades are taken place there and also it is the main concert venue of the city. The great Ballet and Opera theatre decorates the square.  Renting out apartments in Samara INSENS company introduces the guests to apartments’ owners who can show the city inside and tell interesting stories about it. For example not everyone knows “gay garden” on Kuibyshev square which is the place where sex minorities have been gathering since Soviet times. This is one of four gardens that surrounding Kuibyshev square that with public WC.

The Drama theatre

Samara State Academic Drama Gorky theatre has been opened its doors since 1851 when Samara became governorate city. The building itself was built in 1888 as per design of Mikhail Chichagov. In 1901 Maxim Gorky plays were firstly performed there. For more information about the theatre please visit

Samara Philharmonic society

Samara used to be famous to its musical traditions since the middle of XIX century. Samara State Philharmonic society contributes to forming the city culture. It is the oldest concert organization in Russia which has celebrated its 70th birthday in 2010. Today Samara Philharmonic society truly dominates by saving and carrying on musical traditions. For more information please visit

Iviron convent

The convent is based as sisters of Mercy community in 1850. The city has assigned for community to use country lands on the bank of river Volga where Zhigulevskyi plant is situated now.

Polish Roman Catholic Church

Samara Catholic Church is situated on ul. Frunze, 157. Due to the church construction was made by Polish community it is known as Polish church.

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