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Аренда квартир в Самаре посуточно, квартиры посуточно в Самаре

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1 bedroom apartment
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Apartments for daily rent in Samara
INSENS is a rent out company that provides apartments for a short term rent and guarantees you’re highly comfortable staying. All apartments represented at the website are possessed as our own property that proves fulfillment in good faith of our obligations and legitimacy of conducting real estate operations. We are not real estate company. Our company has been operating in the target market since the early 2005 when the first office had been opened in Moscow which still keeps on running under the name of SNIMISNAMI. Currently this company is the major company in Russia. INSENS is focused on regions. This is a new standalone division that provides such services. In Nizhnevartovsk INSENS has been being in business since January 2008. We have gained a reputation of trustful partners who provides high quality services. In Samara we have opened in July 2012. All apartments are located in historical centre which is great advantage. Walking on the front of river Volga will give you a great pleasure of watching incredible views. City embankments after renovation are rightfully considered as the most beautiful of river Volga. If you want during your stay to see the cultural life of Samara then we recommend you to visit theaters and Philharmonic society which is just in a walk distance. Staying a few days is a great advantage to visit museums and parks. Architecture of Old town is a unique combination of antique wooden buildings together with modern towers, office buildings and malls. Definitely staying in such area is incomparable with urban districts. It stands out with quality of our apartments that provides not only great location but also nice architectural background.
But the most important in renting our apartments in Samara is that you will stay in like-at-home atmosphere. You must admit that living in the hotel is not that lovely than in your private apartment where you can choose different places for various purposes.
While designing our apartments we took into consideration requirements of demanding clients. All designs meet demands of functionality and comfort. Our architects and designers did the best for you to feel like at home: everything at hand and nothing in excess. Stylish interiors please the eye; mature illumination gives you a choice for a various occupation. You can find leisure area is very attractive for relaxing, comfortable kitchen with built in appliances that lets you stay in for a long time. Therefore we hope we could assure you by renting INSENS apartments you will receive the best service for a good price. We have studios and 1 bedroom apartments with a nice atmosphere and whatever is required located in city centre. Visiting our website you can easily find apartment on your choice. We wish you a memorable stay in Samara and hope you will choose us again for your next trip.
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