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Nizhnevartovsk hotels - Nizhnevartovsk hotels

Bus station

Nizhnevartovsk bus station is situated in the same building with the railway station which is very convenient for both citizens and guests. You can find time table at the official website or contact by phone.

Nizhnevartovsk bus station: +7 (3466) 45-72-97

For bookings please visit:

If you decided to rent an apartment in Nizhnevartovsk and planning to visit nearby cities then definitely you should use the bus station service. There are dozens of buses daily from Nizhnevartovsk to nearby cities that allow the citizens and guests to make business trips saving the money on taxi. The bus station has great location and it will take you no more than 15 minutes to get there anytime. You can rent an apartment in Nizhnevartovsk next to bus station but much better in city center so you can enjoy evening walk on embankment watching sunset or have a stunning panoramic view overlooking the city from the apartment for daily rent in Nizhnevartovsk by INSENS company. Even in a rush hour you can get to the bus station in a few minutes cause of no traffic. Owners who are renting out apartments in Nizhnevartovsk advise to book bus ticket via internet that could save the time and exclude you to miss the bus.


Nizhnevartovsk airport

Nizhnevartovsk airport: +7(3466) 49-21-75, 006

Surgut airport: +7(3462) 770-208

It takes only 10 minutes to get from airport to apartment.

The first thing that puts an attention on for a person arrived to Nizhnevartovsk at the first time is an airport or the distance from airport to the city. The thing is it is located almost in the town so it takes 10-15 minutes to reach it. There are many domestic and international flights daily and it is very easy to get to any place. But if you didn’t find the necessary regular flight there’s an option to try the nearby airport in Surgut which is 250 km away from Nizhnevartovsk. For a person who is in a big hurry to airport the best choice to save time in check in/out procedures are our apartments for daily rent in Nizhnevartovsk. While planning a trip we usually put 1,5-2 hours only for transportation to airport and this is very important if you have early departure. So to be in time in the airport for check in we have to wake up in the night and as a result all day is lost because you didn’t get enough to sleep. In such situation apartments for daily rent in Nizhnevartovsk are the best solution - you are always sure you can get to airport maximum in 15 minutes. Also in this case of early departure you just need to inform in advance apartment’s owner and then get recommendations about departure time and transportation.

Swimming pools

Renting an apartment in Nizhnevartovsk on embankment or Omskaya street means to have an opportunity to live in walking distance to one of the biggest sport complexes with swimming pools. Swimming pool “Neftyanik” is situated on ul. Kuzovatkina, 14a and «Olimpya» swimming pool is on ul. Chapaeva, 22. As there are regular swim trainings for children then better to double check free training time. The cost is very cheap around 70 rubles. It is necessary to have with you slippers, swim cap and towel.

«Olimpya» swimming pool phone: +7 (3466) 45-45-44

«Neftyanik» swimming pool phone: +7 (3466) 621-555

Nizhnevartovsk is truly called a home of champions that’s why there are so many swimming pools and dozens of sport centers. Staying in apartments for daily rent in Nizhnevartovsk via INSENS company it is very pleasant to have morning run on embankment and swim in the evening for those who use to do sports in their life. Swimming pools are not the only thing an active person can do in Nizhnevartovsk. There are lots of other sport complexes. For example next to one of our apartments on embankment there is an ice rink and fitness centre. During winter time it is nice idea to go skiing and snowboarding to artificial ski center. For those who don’t like extreme sports there is a lot of other entertainment. New sport clubs, children sport centers, pools and gyms are due to open. So renting our apartments gives the opportunity to our guests to spend such short period of time in a business trip in a healthy way. If you come to Nizhnevartovsk during summer time and there is a nice hot weather then definitely you should visit our lakes. Cleanest Nizhnevartovsk lakes are the best choice instead of swimming pool. There are few popular. First one, Kymyl is the largest lake which is the favorite place of kite surfers. Because it is small in depth the water is getting warm quickly, so it is possible to swim even on the third day of hot weather. Kedrovoe is the second popular lake. It is truly one of the cleanest lakes. A holiday camp is located on the bank of the lake with private beach for a small charge – only 30 rubles. The third one is a Goluboe lake (Blue lake) which is the cleanest one. They said the water is so pure that you can drink it. If you rent an apartment in Nizhnevartovsk in the beginning of summer then for sure you will catch up white nights. Silence of the city at 3 a.m. impresses imaginations so much as you are inside the movie. Also there is a great opportunity to swim in foggy lakes in the night. Beloe lake (White lake)is the best place for it and it is situated just few minutes away from an apartment for daily rent in Nizhnevartovsk by INSENS company. At White lake you can also try yourself in winter fishing among lots of snow in the middle of Taiga which is going to be a memorable experience for the rest of your life.

Nizhnevartovsk railway station

Nizhnevartovsk railway station

Nizhnevartovsk railway station phone: +7 (3466) 46-63-00

Nizhnevartovsk railway station is situated not far from the city centre so it takes no more than 15 minutes to any our apartment for daily rent by INSENS company. Visiting Nizhnevartovsk in summer time is a chance to catch up white nights. If you come by train you will see the largest railway station in the world which is in Guinness Book of World Records. The building itself is really huge. It is reasonably said that airport or railway station is a city face. Nizhnevartovsk railway station represents full power of Siberian industry and it is a petroleum capital of Russian Federation. This is actually a huge complex including bus station with dozens of routes daily. Because of great location it is very easy to reach it by walk in 20-30 minutes from the other side of the city which exclude persistent problem of hurrying up and missing the train. Even in a rush time it’s easy to get to the railway station by car in 15 minutes from any place.


Nizhnevartovsk is truly called a gastronomic paradise. There are numerous restaurants with different cuisine from Chinese to Italian and Latin American.

If you have chosen an INSENS apartment for daily rent in Nizhnevartovsk in embankment area then we highly recommend you to visit local café, restaurant “Zolotoi Medved” (“Golden Bear”). It has been opened 15 years ago as a Siberian traditional restaurant with local cuisine.
Opening hours 12.00 - 24.00 daily.
For reservations please contact: +7 (3466) 615-377

The interior design is very simple as it is a hunter’s corner. Foreigners are usually very impressed by the skin of big Siberian bear at the entrance, huge elk skin, fantastic deer horns and other stuffed animals and birds. The café is situated just few minutes away from the apartments in city centre next to the park on pr. Pobeda. In the building there is hunter’s shop “Sibirskiy okhotnik” (“Siberian hunter”) for those who are interested in fishing and hunting. Deciding to rent an apartment on embankment in Nizhnevartovsk by INSENS company is a good opportunity to stay next to one of the best restaurants in the city where you can try the best local cuisine. Here you can find such dishes as pheasant, wild duck loon, partridge, deer, wild boar, roe deer, and rabbit. They have great menu of local fish such as sturgeon, famous Siberian white salmon and muksun, fried starlet and real Siberian slices of frozen fish. As of first dishes the main attention is to soups such as elk cream soup, quail and blackcock soup, special Russian deer soup (solyanka), triple fish soup with fish liver and so on. Also there is a good choice of steaks. For tea lovers the restaurant offers elite kinds of tea and desserts. All our apartments in Nizhnevartovsk for daily rent are owned by individuals who are always at your service and with pleasure give you advices of best experience such as to try strong alcohol drink “Kedrovka” based on pine nuts or less alcohol but very tasty “Klyukovka” based on cranberries. Choosing our apartments for daily rent in Nizhnevartovsk via INSENS company gives you an opportunity to feel the real atmosphere of a cozy Siberian city.

Relaxing and cozy atmosphere of Zolotoi Medved creates a good mood for the next working day.

So once you have chosen our apartments for daily rent in Nizhnevartovsk always feel free to be recommended for the best dining and good memories of Siberian trip.

Dolce Amaro Italian restaurant

Address: ul. Mira, 3, Nizhnevartovsk
Phone: +7 (3466) 57-40-97
The restaurant is famous to its seafood paste and real Italian pizza. It also has free-flow zone to have a romantic dinner in open air.

Akvarium restaurant

Address: ul. 60 let oktyabrya, 17, Nizhnevartovsk
Phone: +7(3466) 61-54-54
Multilevel restaurant has several rooms that meet the requirements of demanded guests. The restaurant is ideally for both romantic dinner and business meeting. It takes only 5 minutes to get to the restaurant from the rented apartment on embankment.

Steak point restaurant

The restaurant is located in Slavyanskyi dvor Mall. This restaurant is famous for its real Australian marbled beef steaks. Also we recommend you to try warm salads and famous freshly baked bread with olive oil.

Podnebesnaya Chinese restaurant

Address: Zapadnyi rynok (West market)
Pphone: +7 (3466) 25-15-55
Podnebesnaya restaurant is highlighted among other exotic restaurants due to its big variety of fresh Chinese dishes. During your staying you will discover Nizhnevartovsk from totally other side if you visit this market where you can find dozens of oriental cafes and restaurants. This place is like Mecca for those who like tasty and cheap food.

Insens company recommends only the best restaurants with good reputation and which are located next to our apartments. So Nizhnevartovsk is not only far away Siberian city but also a city with reach restaurant culture.

Nizhnevartovsk cinema

KinoMir cinema

KinoMir is situated in the centre of Nizhnevartovsk on the main square.
Address: ul. Lenina, 7. Show on map
Phone: +7 (3466) 430102
Phone: +7 (3466) 405355

Nizhnevartovsk cinemas are situated in different parts of the city so during staying in our apartments it is possible to watch movie at any time.

Kosmos cinema

Address: ul. Lenina, 17a
Phone: +7 (3466) 459362
Phone: +7 (3466) 405350

Kosmos cinema is located on first floor mall and it has 4 small cinema halls with capacity of 100 pax. It is just in 5 minutes walking distance from our apartment so if you rent an apartment in Nizhnevartovsk by INSENS company you will have an opportunity to spend your free time enjoying watching movies or visiting numerous cafes and bars that are located in the mall. By the way there are lots of food delivery services in Nizhnevartovsk. Sometimes there are no movies you are interested in cinema. In this case it’s very convenient to stay in apartment because you can watch movie at home and order food in delivery service. As our apartments are close to Kosmos cinema so that guarantees quick delivery.


Адрес: ул. Интернациональная, дом 73 Показать на карте

Телефон: +7 (3466) 491950

Телефон: +7 (3466) 405333

New cinemas open one by one in Nizhnevartovsk. The last one is StarsCinema which is located also in the mall. Staying in Nizhnevartovsk you don’t find it as a far north city if you will visit modern malls. Here you can find everything necessary from the book store to Japanese restaurant.

Mir cinema

Address: ul. Mira, 76/1
Phone: +7 (3466) 430102
Phone: +7 (3466) 405355

Mir cinema is the oldest cinema in Nizhnevartovsk. It is still popular because it screens old movies and tickets are much cheaper. If you decide to stay at home you can enjoy good movie or even 3D movie in some of our apartments due to availability of modern devices in it.

Nedezhda cinema

Address: ul. Severnaya, 39
Phone: +7 (3466) 293478
Phone: +7 (3466) 405300

Nadezhda cinema is situated in the hotel building and has one modern cinema hall. If you decided to visit this cinema then we recommend you to book ticket in advance because it is very busy in night time because the hotel is highly booked.


Такси в нижневартовске

There are a lot of taxi services in the city but we do recommend only the best ones. Providing with apartments for daily rent in Nizhnevartovsk we also trying to give as much information to our guests about the city as we can. Unified taxi service has big car fleet which is good for accuracy. It provides trucks, courier services, vans and cars with booster chairs. Carfare is not expensive and it is fixed for different destinations. For those who are renting luxury apartments we recommend business taxi with executive cars and jeeps for long trips. Taxi service also arranges excursions and accepts credit cards. Booster chair can be provided upon request. If you are travelling with children then there are few children taxi services.

Unified taxi service: +7 (3466) 406 911
Business taxi: +7 (3466) 60 80 80
Children taxi: +7 (3466) 27 40 27

Mostly people who are interested in apartments for daily rent in Nizhnevartovsk are on business trip and always in hurry. In this case it is important to have trustful driver who knows the city. Our company offers to use only reliable and accurate taxis.
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